Our Coffee

You will not find a finer espresso! Custom roasted uniquely for us. Truly rich and full-bodied, yet smooth and balanced. Used in all our espresso drinks.

Blends & Varietals Used Daily!

Gordy’s Warming House offers Premium Roasted Northern Blends:

Warming House Coffee & Creamery 218 Blend

This grand five-bean blend traveled all the way from the equator just to join you on the end of the dock. Talk about getting “up north.”

Warming House Coffee & Creamery Campfire Blend

Campsite mornings, some with a chill and a little tent-dew dampness, until the fire is going, the coffee’s on and breakfast speaks to you from the skillet.

Warming House Coffee & Creamery Gordy's Blend

They used to roll dice to see who paid, and the coffee was strong, black – as flavorful as the conversation. This is their blend. Enjoy it daily, like they did.

Warming House Coffee & Creamery LumberJack Blend

Hot and cold: you never knew what you were going to get from a timberman. But this Far East blend is so vividly flavored, you’ll enjoy it, well, hot or cold.

Warming House Coffee & Creamery Portage Blend

Sometimes, you just need something to carry you through. To get you over the hump, as it were. A cup of this heavy-roasted richness, and it’s smooth sailing.

Warming House Coffee & Creamery Sauna Blend

Come in, come in and warm yourself. Wrap your tingling fingers around a cup of this fine-roasted blend and let all that frosty melt away.

Warming House Coffee & Creamery Snowshoe Blend

Nothing clears your head like a little water on the rocks. That, and the steam rising up from a cup of this smoky-roasted elixir.

Warming House Coffee Vermilion Blend

This rugged roast is waiting there: on the counter, that’s next to the stove, that’s in the cabin, that sits by the shore, that’s under the sun, that reflects on the waves, that you call north.

In addition to the above coffees, we also offer:

Brazil Santos, Guatemala, French Roast, Costa Rica SHB, Columbian, Panama SHB, Peru, Vienna Blend, Italian Blend, World Cup, Sumatra Mandheling, Tanzania Peaberry, and Kenya AA